Duka Travel, Tours & Lodges S.C. have designed and organized tour programs according to the tour duration & customer's need. Accordingly, below you can see brief over view of the tour programs.In these short tour programs details included visits and activities. Price can be provided up on request.

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Remark: All tours can be customized according to the visitor's need.

Northern Ethiopia by flight

Day 1. ADDIS/BAHER DAR - Flight to Bahir Dar on arrival in baher dar check into Hotel then drive to Lake Tana, take a boat ride and visit to the medieval period island monasteries (beautiful mural paintings, religious books & sacred) on Lake Tana. After lunch, you will drive to and visit to the Blue Nile Fall (some 30 Km). In the evening, you will have dinner and stay the night at the hotel. Overnight in Hotel.

Day 2. BAHER DAR/GONDAR - Drive to Gondar (185 Km) right after breakfast. There you will check into a hotel and after a brief break, you will have lunch. Then, you will visit to the Royal Castles (built in the 17th Century A.D.), the Bath of Emperor Fasiledes, the Historic Debre Birhan Selassie Church, the Castle of Empress Mintewab, and Kuskwam Mariam Church (the bones of the Empress and princes rests in a glass coffin). Early in the evening, you will visit ‘AzmariBet’ at Traditional Music Houses after which you will have dinner at the hotel and stay there for the night. Overnight in Hotel.

Day 3. GONDAR/AXUM - Flight to Axum on arrival check into hotel and visit all the Steale of Axum, the Inscription of Ezana, Queen Sheba’s Palace, the famous St. Mary of Zion Church, ruins of ancient palaces (built until 4th century A.D.) , with lunch break in between. In the evening, you will get back to the hotel and spend the night there. Overnight in Hotel.

Day 4. AXUM/LALIBELA –Flight to Lalibela on arrival in lalibela check into hotel. And visit the eleven rock-hewn monolithic (carved from a single rock) churches of Lalibela (UNESCO World heritage site, with magnificent architecture & paintings inside the churches). In the evening you will get back to the hotel, rest, have dinner and relax. Overnight in Hotel.

Day 5 LALIBELA/ADDIS - Flight to Addis Ababa - Transfer out - Flight back to Addis.

Northern Ethiopia - by car

Day 1: ADDIS – BAHERDAR - Drive 560 km from Addis Ababa to the fascinating city of Bahirdar. Overnight in Hotel.

Day 2: BAHERDAR - Drive 35 km to Blue Nile Falls or Tis Abay / boat sail to the shore of Lake Tana and visit some of the world’s oldest churches and monasteries. Overnight in Hotel.

Day 3: BAHERDAR-GONDAR - Drive to Gondar Bout 170kms, visit the stone built castles of different emperors; Fasilides castle, Iyasu Palace, Mentewab’s palace, Fasilides Bath & Birhan Silassie church. Overnight in Hotel.

Day 4: GONDAR – AXUM - Drive to the most ancient city and the capital of one of the glorious empires of the past, “Axum”. Visit the church of St. Mary of Zion where the Ark of the Covenant is kept (the subject of the controversial book The Sign and the Seal) as legend has it. Overnight in Hotel.

Day 5: AXUM - Visit the Northern Stelae Field including the Ezana Stele and the Giant Stele. The numerous monolithic stelae are fashioned out of solid granite. Their mystery lies in that it is not known exactly by whom, and for what purpose, they were fashioned, although they were likely associated with burials of great emperors. Overnight in Hotel.

Day 6: AXUM - WELDIYA - Drive to Lalibela via Weldiya. Overnight in Hotel.

Day 7: WELDIYA - LALIBELA - Early morning drive to Lalibela, after hotel check-in visit the famous rock-hewn churches; in the morning visit the Northern group of churches and the Eastern& western in the afternoon. All churches are carved from the living rock, which play an important part in the history of rock-cut architecture. Overnight in Hotel.

Day 8: LALIBELA – ADDIS- Drive back to Addis Ababa.

Southern Ethiopia by car

Day 1. Addis Ababa/ Arbaminch - In the morning after breakfast, you will drive to Arba Minch (505 Km from Addis) by a 2011 model 4WD Land Cruiser. On the way you will visit to the Tiya Stelae (90 Km from Addis). You will stop for lunch at Wolayta (330 Km from Addis). You will continue driving to Dorze (500 Km from Addis) and visit to the Dorze village (famous for their bee hive shaped houses, weaving styles and their lifestyle). You will be arriving in Arba Minch late afternoon and check into a lodge. You will have dinner and spend the night at the lodge. Overnight in Hotel.

Day 2. ARBAMINCH - In the morning, after breakfast you will visit to the nearby Nech Sar National Park (a natural habitat for many wild animals: Zebra, Gazelle, & Antelope etc.). You will have lunch break at Arba Minch. After a brief break, you will take a boat ride on Lake Chamo and visit to huge crocodiles, hippos and a variety of birdlife. In the evening you will have dinner at the lodge and stay the night there. Overnight in Hotel.

Day 3. ARBAMINCH – JINKA - In the morning, you will have breakfast and drive to Jinka (270 Km from Arba Minch). And upon arrival at Konso (90 Km from Arba Minch), you will visit to the Konso Village (famous for their colorfully costumed dresses, impressive terracing of land - recently registered as World heritage by UNISCO, and engraved wooden statues grave markers). Have lunch at Konso and drive back to Jinka for an overnight In Hotel.

Day 4. JINKA – TURMI - After breakfast you will be driven to Turmi (142 Km from Jinka), visiting an interesting village on the way. You will continue traveling to Key Afer and visit the market. Lunch break will be at Key Afer. You will proceed driving to Turmi visiting an interesting market place on the way (if available). You will arrive in Turmi early evening. Overnight at Hotel.

Day 5. TURMI –OMORATE – TURMI - An early morning drive will take you to Omorate to visit the Dassench/Geleb tribe (75 Km from Turmi). From there you will take a boat trip on the Omo River and visit the Dassench/Geleb village. Then you will get back to Turmi for lunch then take a walk to the Hamer Village to explore the Hamer tribes (best known for elaborate hairstyles, body painting using clays and vegetable pigments to make fantastic patterns on their faces, chests, arms and legs), attend the bull jumping – if possible and available by the time, after which drive back to the Hotel / Lodge for an overnight.

Day 6. TURMI – YABELO - After breakfast, you will be driven to Yabelo (290 Km from Turmi) via Arebore-Tsmaye. Stop for lunch at Konso. You will proceed driving to Yabelo and arrive early evening. Overnight in Hotel.

Day 7. YABELO – AWASSA – ADDIS ABABA - After breakfast, you will be driving to Awassa (250kms from yabelo) upon arrival you will visit Lake Awassa and the popular fish market. Then you will proceed driving back to Addis Ababa (275 Km from Awassa). You will stop for lunch at Ziway where you will also visit to Lake Ziway (best known for its birdlife). Arrive in Addis Ababa.

Tour program to Eastern Ethiopia Dire dawa and Harar by flight

Day 1. ADDIS /DIRE DAWA –Flight to Dire Dawa upon Arrival city tour of Dire Dawa to visit the Market and the Railway station will be made if time permits. After lunch drive to Harar passing through the characteristic small towns of Aweday, Chelenkos and others. Dinner and overnight in Hotel.

Day 2. DIRE DAWA – Whole day city tour of Harar where visits will be done to the characteristic walled city of Harar, the Mosques of Harar, the markets of Harar, the house of the French Poet Artur Renbaud and the palace of Emperor Haile Sellassie. In the evening visit the Hyena man of Harar. Dinner and overnight in Hotel.

Day 3. DIREDAWA / ADDIS - After breakfast drive to Dire Dawa for your flight back to Addis Ababa.


Day 1. Drive via Debre Zeit to Modjo continues driving through the great Rift Valley Lakes of Koka, Zeway, Abiyata and Langano. After lunch drive to Wondo Genet Resort and then to Lake Hawassa. Overnight stay at Hotel.

Day 2. From Hawassa drive to Arbaminch. After Hotel check in and lunch take a Boat trip on Lake Chamo to visit the Crocodile Market and Hippos the Eastern shores of the two lakes and it is a Sanctuary for the endemic Swayne’s Hartebeest and other game animals. Overnight stay at Hotel.

Day 3. After breakfast dive to Chencha a highland Plateau to see the Dorze Tribes Village and their unique huts made from Bambo, visit the market(on market days). Have lunch and then drive back to Arbaminch.

Day 4. Drive back to Langano. Overnight stay in Sabana Resort or Bishangari Lodge.

Day 5. Return Back to Addis Ababa.


Day 1. Drive to Modjo via Debre Zeit and continue driving through the Great Rift Valley on the way visit a string of beautiful Rift Valley Lakes which are ideal habitats for their fascinating bird life. Make a final stop at Wendo Genet the favorite weekend getaway of former emperor Haile Selassie for a swim in the pool and shower in the therapeutic hot spring water. Overnight stay will be at Wendo Genet Resort Hotel.

Day 2. After breakfast leave Wendo Genet and drive to Bale via Shashemane the journey to the mountains will take first across grassland then trough juniper woodland reaching the moorlands of Bale Mountains. Overnight stay at Hotel.

Day 3. The Virgin woodlands with their vast moorlands and the alpine climate of the Bale Mountains National Park makes the place one of the best places to see the endemic Simien Fox and the Mountain Nyala. The whole day have game viewing in the Park. Overnight stay in Hotel.

Day 4. Early in the morning drive from Bale Mountains to Lake Langano via Abijata Shala National Park. Overnight in Sabana or bishangari Lodge.

Day 5. In the morning after refreshing swim in the Lake depart from Langano to visit nearly Abijata and Shala National Park. Lake Shala is a very deep creator Lake (over 260m. deep) and the Lake Abijata is a lake which attracts thousands of Flamingo’s. Drive back to Addis Ababa have a farewell party in the evening with cultural dinner and traditional special buffet and local drinks to experience Ethiopian cultural meals and drinks. After fare well party transfer to air port for departure.

Tour program to the Danakil Depression

Day 1: ADDIS / AWASH - After breakfast, you will drive to Awash National Park (225 Km from Addis). On the way, you will visit Lake Basaka and its aquatic birds. Up on arrival at the park, you will check into a lodge. In the late afternoon, you will do sightseeing at the awash waterfalls and see the wild life. In the evening, you will have dinner, rest & spend the night there.

Day 2: AWASH /SEMERA - You will have an early breakfast and drive to Semera (357km from Awash NP). There you will check into a hote l. Finish all the formalities in Semera where you will get your Afar permits and we will pick up the mandatory scouts and road leaders. In the evening, you will have dinner and stay the night at the hotel.

Day 3: SEMERA / AFDERA - Right after breakfast, an early morning drive will take you to Afdera (244 Km from Semra) via Serdo on a track through the desolate landscape with only some coned shaped volcano’s here and there to Afdera salt lake (Lake Afdera is a wonderfully bright green lake situated with black basalt mountains behind. Here you can see salt extraction from the Lake, where the Afar nomads continue the same activities for a century. The salt extraction here is the main supply of salt to the country). Late in the afternoon you will visit the salt extractors at the lakeside. In the evening you will stretch your tent. You will have dinner and stay the night in the tent.

Day 4: AFDERA / KURSWAD /DODOM/ ERTALE - You will have breakfast & drive to Erta ale via Kusurawde (60km from Afdera) and continue drive to Dodom (20 Km from Kusurawde), a nearby settlement to Erta ale (the Erta Ale volcano has been in a constant state of eruption). Today is an early-to-rise start at 2am to start your hike (approximately 10km from Dodom) to the crater rim of the Erta Ale volcano. At the top, you will peer down at the permanent lava lake (the only one in the world!) while the sun rises over the horizon. After the hike, back to camp and a bit of breakfast, you’ll continue driving to Hamed Ella for overnight.

Day 5: ERTALE /HAMDELLA - Right after breakfast, an early morning drive will take you to Hamed Ela (approximately 30 Km from Erta ale). Late in the afternoon you will walk for a few minute following the camel caravan carrying salt bars from the depression to the highland. In the evening you will stretch your tent. You will have dinner and stay the night in the tent.

Day 6: HAMDELLA / DALLOL/ HAMEDELLA - An early morning drive will take a day trip to Dallol, (which at 116m below sea level is the lowest point on the African continent & 120km from Hamed Ella). Here the landscape is beautiful, the ground many shades of red and yellow from the hot water, acids and minerals spurting up from the ground). You will also visit Lake Asale, which is the salt lake from which the Afar nomads extract salt. Late afternoon drive back to Hamed Ella for overnight camping. You will have dinner and stay the night in the tent.

Day 7:HAMEDELLA / BERHALLE / MEKELLE - Right after breakfast, an early morning drive will take you to Mekelle (170 Km from Hamed Ela) via Berhaile. You will see the camel caravans along the way, carrying salt from the salt lake to Mekele for sale. Then you will arrive in Mekelle (late afternoon). You will check into a hotel. You will have dinner, rest & spend the night there.

Day 8: MEKELLE /ADDIS – 768 drive back to Addis Ababa. End of service.

South West Route Culture / Scenery – by car

Day 1. Addis Ababa – Jimma

Day 2. Jimma - Mizan Terferi

Day 3. Mizan Teferi – Surma (Kibish) camping

Day 4. Kibish – Tulgit – Camping

Day 5. Tulgit – Kibish – Camping

Day 6. Kibish – Mizan Teferi – Camping

Day 7. Mizan Teferi – Jimma

Day 8. Jimma / Addis Ababa


Day 1. Addis Ababa – Gondar - by air

Day 2. Gondar – Sankaber

Day 3. Sankaber – Geech

Day 4. Geech – Emitgogo

Day 5. Trek to Chenek

Day 6. Trek to Ambiko – Ras Dashen – Chenek

Day 7. Drive back to Gondar

Day 8. Gondar- Addis Ababa – by air


Day 1. Addis Ababa – Debre Libanos – Addis Ababa –

Day 2. Addis Ababa – Awash Park

Day 3. Awash Park

Day 4. Awash Park – Nazreth – Sodere-

Day 5. Sodere – Bale Mountains –

Day 6. Bale Mountains –

Day 7. Bale Mountains – Wondo Genet

Day 8. Wondo Genet –Hawassa – Yirgalem –

Day 9. Yirgalem – Yabelo –

Day 10. Yabelo

Day 11. Yabelo – Konso

Day 12. Konso / Arbaminch –

Day 13. Arbaminch –

Day 14. Arbaminch – Lake Langano – Abyata Shala – Arbaminch

Day 15. Arbaminch – Langano

Day 16. Langano – Addis


50km from Addis Ababa. The town known in the local Oromo language “BISHOFTU” around Debre Zeit you can find 7 creator lakes. It is the good place for bird watching, Boat ride and refreshment by the lake side

DAYS – Half Day


140km from capital city found a fascination UNESCO world heritage site Tiya the site contain around 36 ancient stele. Adadi Mariam Church is semi monolithic Church build 12th which to remembers the monasteries of King Laibela and the archeological site of Melka Kontre where you will be able to set ancient man tool.



104km north of Addis Ababa the 13th century monastery of Debre Libanos and after 96 km from this monastery you can also see the fascinating gorge of the Blue Nile River



125km from Addis Ababa known for its creative hot spring thermal water and good place for swimming



This Lake found 180km from Addis Ababa. It is an excellent place for bird watching over 300 bird species are found in the area. It is a perfect place for swimming and recreation.



The city of Hawassa is on the shores of Lake Hawassa it is a resort place for boat riding, swimming, fishing etc. 25km of Hawassa you will find Wendo Genet. Good for bird watching hot spring to bath.

DAYS – Two Days/One night


Ankober is the ancient capital of the kingdom of shoa served for a while as the capital of the Ethiopian empire during the reign of the Emperor Menilik it also the best place to practice trekking or riding activity.

DAYS – Two Days


46 species of wild animals have been identified in Awash National Park including Beisa Oryx, Gazzelles and Kudus. The dramatic Awash Falls and Gorge is not to be missed.

DAYS – Two Days /one night

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